Serenata Flowers

Baby, it’s cold outside… but it sure is beautiful. Fortunately, we’ve picked the finest, freshest, frost-kissed hues for you to enjoy without having to endure the chill.

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BellaDelicate pastel roses and elegant summer charm make this bouquet simply beautiful.Was £34.99 Now £29.99
Vintage FloraThis delightful bouquet is a wonderful collection of graceful flowers and delicate scents.Our Price £39.99
MomentsLacy summer blooms in stunning pastel shades, so appealing and beautiful they’re enough to give anybody a little moment.Was £34.99 Now £29.99
Blue CloudCast a magic spell with white roses and gerbera daisies floating in a misty cloud of purple statice.Was £29.99 Now £24.99
Pearly WhiteSnowy roses and milky lilies drift dreamlike above a compact mound of greenery in this contemporary vased arrangement.Was £44.99 Now £29.99
20 Luxury Pastel RosesElegance and sophistication are entwined together in perfect harmony with these sublime luxury roses in delicate pastel shades.Was £49.99 Now £29.99
White Roses Gift WrapUnderstated, yet understanding — this simple gift-wrap of a dozen pure white Avalanche roses.Was £34.99 Now £24.99 and a discount code from florist secrets will save you even more!
Precious PinkA cute arrangement of soft pink and white blooms makes a perfect gift for those people that are precious to you.Was £24.99 Now £19.99
HeatherA purple haze of rolling hills and magnificent splendour that captures the imagination and ignites the senses.Our Price £39.99
Lavender VelvetFabulous scented Lavender flowers and perfect white Roses presented in a superb purple glass cube.Was £34.99 Now £29.99

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